Battery system technology continues to advance giving homeowners the ability to add backup to their solar.


Our state of the art design software takes the guessing game out of solar energy system design.


We don't install anything without a full set of electrical and structural engineered plans.


All of the systems we install give you remote monitoring capabilities so you can view in real time.


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Sundew Solar provides the best services in the solar industry from storage, design, engineering, rv solar, monitoring, maintenance/repair and consulting. View our services page for more info.


Why Solar?

There has never been a better time to purchase a solar energy system than now. As material prices continue to drop and solar technology advances, we are able to install your system at an affordable price and in a much shorter time frame which drastically reduces the financial and personal burden homeowners have come to expect with other home improvement projects.

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Sundew Solar is a locally owned and operated company that provides customized solar energy systems and engineering to the Bay County Area.



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