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Going solar is a term that has become all too synonymous with door-to-door salesmen and out of town corporations trying to capitalize on Florida’s reputation as “The Sunshine State”. Sundew Solar is proudly breaking the barrier on big business by becoming the first completely locally owned and operated solar company in Bay County. After Mike Weber of MK Weber Engineering, a local structural engineering firm, saw the need for a small-town source for solar power in our community, he teamed with his childhood friend, Aric Bowen, to begin offering a trusted solar solution for locals interested in going green.

Aric and his family made the recent move to Panama City all the way from Illinois after becoming so passionate about the opportunity to help the community through Sundew Solar.

With a background in construction and commercial sales, he has navigated the startup of the company with ease, all while endeavoring to establish lasting relationships throughout Bay County through Chamber events and local connections.

Though the idea of going solar can seem like a daunting endeavor, Sundew has set itself apart by establishing itself as a truly trusted source for locals for knowledge on going green through solar panels. For an estimate, it’s as easy as dropping by their office on 23rd Street with a recent power bill and your address; a custom quote can be generated within one hour of stopping by.Through a solar energy system, an average sized single-family home can expect to save around $60,000 in power bills over 25 years, which is also the equivalent of 25,312 gallons of gas and 247,739 pounds of coal.

Stop in to speak with Aric today to see how much money you could save by going solar and to learn more about their in-house financing options.

Our Team

Michael Weber,PE

Structural Engineer

Aric Bowen

Operations Manager

Sundew Solar is a locally owned and operated company that provides customized solar energy systems and engineering to the Bay County Area.



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