Our state of the art design software takes the guessing game out of solar energy system design. All of our projects are designed to show you real time output, savings, return on investment, etc. giving you the peace of mind on what to expect from your system. We are able to implement standard grid tied solar, grid tied with battery backup, as well as off-grid systems and provide you with all of the important data needed to help with the decision making process. Up to date satellite imagery allows us to show you exactly how the panels will look on your home, business, or property and we encourage customers to actively take part in this phase of the design process.


We don't install anything without a full set of electrical and structural engineered plans. We also will provide you with a copy for future reference in case any issues were to arise or if you need them as a guide for other projects. Here in the panhandle, we see all sorts of severe weather, so you can rest easy knowing your solar system has been installed to all current codes and guidelines. Want to install your system yourself? Obviously, we would rather you use us from start to finish, but we are more than willing to help you with design and engineering if you decide to do your own installation.


Sundew Solar is proud to partner with our sister company Bayou Builders for all of our turnkey solar installation projects. Need more than just solar? No problem. Check out the additional services we provide to our customers.

  • Roofing
  • Solar Re-Set
  • Generators
  • Siding
  • Insulation
  • Windows/Doors
  • Surge Protection
  • Much, much more!


Did you know that with a standard grid tied solar energy system that if you lose utility power, you cannot use your solar energy? By adding battery backup with an automatic transfer switch to your new or existing solar system, you will have the ability to use your solar during outages to backup your entire home or just selected electrical circuits without the noise or hassle of stand-by or portable gas generators. Battery system technology continues to advance driving prices down giving homeowners the ability to add backup to their solar without breaking the bank.


All of the systems we install give you remote monitoring capabilities so that you can see how your solar system is performing in real time. Better yet, we also have access to monitor your system which alerts us immediately if any issues are detected so that we can respond quickly to correct them if needed and get your solar system back running how it should.


Did you have your solar installed by someone else and not quite sure if it was done properly? Would you rather not deal with the hassle of maintaining your system? Has something malfunctioned and your original installer is not responding to take care of the issue? Do you want to add on to or modify your existing system? Let us know how we can help. Our mission is to make sure all solar customers in the Bay County area are satisfied with their solar system whether we did the work or not. We can also set up annual maintenance plans for you which cover system performance checks, cleaning, equipment checks, connections, etc.


Planning on installing your system yourself? We also provide consulting packages to assist you with your installation in addition to design and engineering. We can perform site visits before and during the installation to make sure you are all set to install and provide quality control to make sure the system will last.

Sundew Solar is a locally owned and operated company that provides customized solar energy systems and engineering to the Bay County Area.



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